Flash Portfolio

Online Learning Modules

Here are a few examples of the Flash modules that I built for SBC. I did about ten in all, and was responsible for the content and interface design, as well as some of the narration. I had fun with these. :)

Websites & Accessories

eClickMD website Embella website Dapremont Eye Specialists website MiraTrac website

For three of these sites, I was tasked with building a mid-screen Flash interface to add movement and additional information to the home page. For Dapremont Eye Specialists, the entire site is built in Flash. Oh, and I also designed the MiraTrac logo.

Misc. Projects & ActionScript

Lasik demo in Flash Homeland Security presentation

These are miscellaneous presentations and projects. The LASIK demo, for example, was a generic info module about refractive surgery. I extracted the most interesting part, the rest was mostly text. The "Day in the Life" presentation was actually shown to several groups responsible for homeland security.