About Me

About Edgar Dapremont

Edgar Dapremont is a professional multimedia designer/developer, graphic artist, and computer systems specialist with over 16 years experience. In 2001, he was instrumental in founding Embella, Inc., a creative digital marketing company that couples dynamic content development services with time-proven management/tracking technology. Through Embella, he has successfully delivered hundreds of hours of online multimedia content to thousands of users. Currently, Edgar is working at Hoover's Inc., building, upgrading and maintaining web pages, primarily with HTML and CSS. He is also an Adobe Certified Expert in Flash 8 Professional.

Edgar also provides web management and graphic design services for the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament, and he is active member of the Tournament committee. Good times.

In the spare moments that work and art allow, Edgar enjoys spending time around Austin, Texas with his two best friends: Anne, his wife, and Indiana, the best dog ever.

About This Site

This domain name was registered long before there was a purpose for it. "thinkaboutstuff.com" rolled well off the tongue and seemed like it would make a great URL for, well, something.

Eventually a purpose revealed itself and the site was born. The actual circumstance or conversation that inspired the name is lost to the past, but it seems quite fitting for the home of a creative portfolio.