Welcome to my site, and thank you for your time and interest in me and my work! My name is Edgar Dapremont and I have worked in multimedia and Internet technologies for the past several years.


This site has gone through a couple of redesigns, but I was never quite satisfied that it accurately refelected my creativity and technical skills. The designs were nice, but mainly functional, and didn't really stretch the idea of what a website could be. Fortunately, I stumbled across css Zen Garden and found new inspiration in what they have going on there.

I decided to take a bit of a different tack with the site, with the belief that it should be at least as good as the sites I've designed for others. So, in addition to a structured portfolio of my other work in Flash, web and graphic design, this site itself will serve as an interactive portfolio of my skills.


Following the css Zen Garden model, this site is built on a plain HTML page. Choosing a link from the list will modify this page's look and layout through custom graphics and CSS coding. I'll continue to add more designs as I create them.

I love this approach because it gives me great flexibility to design a number of styles without having to go in and recode the the base page every time. I admit, this is probably a no-brainer for a lot of folks out there, but it's a new aspect to CSS for me.